How to copy copyright protected DVD to computer?

Published: 11th December 2009
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I'm trying to copy a DVD to my computer, what's the best and easiest way to play DVD movies on my computer? This step-by-step guide will show you how to copy DVD to computer and rip copyright protected DVD to computer in 1:1 lossless quality.

There include three parts of this article:
1. How to copy DVD (include copyright protected DVD) to computer for backup?
2. How to convert DVD to the format which can play on computer?
2. How to crop DVD, cut DVD, trim DVD and add watermark to DVD video?

Part 1. Copy DVD to computer for backup
Step 1: Download and install Aimersoft DVD Copy, run it.
Step 2: Insert your favourite DVD to your DVD driver
Step 3: Select source DVD
Step 4: Specify output target
Step 5: Click "Start" to start copying DVD to computer

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This part just help you clone DVD to computer, the main features of this software are clone DVD movies to DVD, such as DVD-5 to DVD-9, DVD-9 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9 and DVD-5 to DVD-5. How to play DVD movie on computer, let`s see the below parts.

Part 2. Copy DVD movies from DVD to computer

What you need is Aimersoft DVD Ripper, you can download it directly from here: Free download DVD Ripper.

Step 1: Download and install the DVD Ripper, run it.

Step 2: Insert your DVD from the "Add.." drop-down list or "File" drop-down list. It provides four ways to load DVD: Load from DVD Rom, load DVD folder, load ISO image files and load IFO Files.

Step 3: Select Subtitle, Audio Track, Profile, Output directory setting
copy DVD to computer ripper

Subtitle, Audio Track: Select the subtitle and audio track for your language, if there is no subtitle and audio track, it is means that there is no other language on your DVD to choose.
Profile: If you want to copy DVD to computer in 1:1 lossless quality, please select "Others" - "Lossless DVD Copy (*.vob)". If you want to add DVD into Windows Movie Maker, or Windows Media Player or Sony Vegas for editing, you can chose "Common Video" - "WMV - Windows Media Video (*wmv)" profile.

Output path: Select the output path to save your DVD to computer.

1. Select "Apply to All" to apply your settings to all files
2. Select "Merge into one file" to convert your DVD into one video file.

Step 4: Click "Start" button to convert your DVD to computer. Within minutes, you can play your DVD movies on your computer.

Part 3. How to edit your DVD when copying it to computer

The powerful edit feature of this software is one of the few highlights on the market. You can trim, cut, crop DVD and add watermark in your movies with it. Select the video you want edit to and click "Edit" button.

copy DVD to computer edit

Crop: Drag the dash line around the DVD or set the "Left", "Top" and "Cropped area size" to crop certain parts from DVD. Or select a default setting from "Zoom"
Effect: Customize the DVD brightness, saturation, contrast, volume in the "Effect" tab as you like. You can even apply special effects such as "Emboss", "Negative", "Old film" and "Gray" by selecting an effect from "Effect" drop-down list.
Trim: Set the ripping process start time and end time to trim your DVD movies.
Add watermark to your DVD: When add a special watermark to the ripped movie, you can select add your watermark with image or words. You can even edit your picture and word watermark with this DVD Ripper.

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